Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

May the Force be with you

The Metropolitan Police Force, that is. Yes, the long arm of the law has caught up with me again, but this time in the infinitely preferable form of data entry at Holborn Police Station.

This is good on many levels. Firstly, the office is lovely: I am on the eleventh floor, which is the highest you can go without being a Commissioner, and there are windows all the way round giving a fabulous view over London. Secondly it is but five minutes' walk from addedentry's worktime lair in Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Thirdly I much times a million prefer data entry, where you just sit in front of a computer and get on with it at your own pace while thinking about what to have for dinner, to the kind of temping where you have to keep asking your supervisor for more jobs all the time because you've finished photocopying a fifty-page document/sorting out the stationery cupboard/making coffee.

Previously when I've been employed to enter data I have been presented with some ancient greenscreen that doesn't talk to any of the other computers in the building, or possibly in the world. I was amazed, therefore, to be popped in front of a terminal running Windows 2000, with Word and everything. It even has The Internet, though I haven't yet plucked up the courage to ask whether I might be permitted to do a small amount of surfing in my lunch hour. (They'll probably insist I take a bloody screen break instead. Curse this nanny state.)

As for what I am actually doing, it's putting officers' reports of people getting stopped and searched onto a database. Holborn branch, EK to those in the know, covers Kings Cross, so nearly all the crimes are drug-related and in many cases the reporting officer had confiscated something 'believed to be a spliff'. I'm sure they had fun finding out whether or not it was.

Incidentally, coffee made with Coffee-Mate instead of milk tastes of kedgeree.

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