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Pockymon, and other Cool Things

Having received intelligence from agent queen_jude that the long-awaited Cybercandy store in Covent Garden had at last flung wide its doors, addedentry was dispatched thither yesterday lunchtime and brought back:
  • Pocky
  • Reese's Swoops
  • Diet Coke with Lime
  • and, I suspect, lots of other things that got eaten before they could make it home
Pocky is biscuit sticks dipped in a flavoured coating, strawberry in this case. They look exactly like sparklers would if sparklers had pink ends and were made of biscuit. I've only heard of the stuff because it's the sort of thing Pokémon fanfic writers like to insert to prove they're down with the Japanese culture, yo. Swoops are Pringle-shaped chocolate and peanut butter confections in a Jaffa Cake Minis-style orange plastic tub. I'm not wild about Reese's products, to be honest, because the peanut butter just isn't the One True Peanut Butter, Whole Earth Crunchy. The Coke is being saved for when I get back from karate tonight, when I'll appreciate it more.

As if all this weren't enough, my Head of Department has just come back from hol and brought us all 'Peanut Butter Nougat & Peanuts Covered in Milk Chocolate', with Bugs Bunny on the wrapper.

Although I do love chocolate, and biscuits, and nauseatingly sweet things like marshmallows and golden syrup, I'm really more into savoury snacks. Female hormones nothing; I'm much more likely to crave a nice hunk of extra mature cheddar than a bar of Dairy Milk. Or some fresh, salty popcorn, Tuc cheese sandwich crackers, a bag of Twiglets or - sweet apex of munchies! - salt n' vinegar Walkers Max. I love Marmite, of course.

I'm extremely partial to olives, too, especially the green ones stuffed with pimentos, and I love tapenade, which is a paste made from olives, olive oil and probably a vast amount of salt. So imagine my delight (but not too hard; it's not a pleasant image) when I found that the local Turkish Food Centre sells black olive tapenade at a price reasonable enough to make it a sensible everyday sandwich filling rather than an occasional treat. This is going to be very bad for me. (Only it's not, of course, because everyone knows a Mediterranean diet is good for you.)

Finally, a neat widget from the TMBG Clock Radio. Presumably working best under broadband, it sits on your desktop providing non-stop songs, demos and jingles ('It's your friend at work! It's your friend at home! It's your friend when you're all alone! They Might Be Giants Clock Radio!'). Great, if you like They Might Be Giants. I may never fire up iTunes again. Or I may get fed up after a couple of days and delete the thing.
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