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He wasn't there again today; I think he's from the CIA

At last, I have visited the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. I'd been looking forward to this for ages; Lichtenstein is probably my favourite painter, and the example of his work you can see in my icon (if you're viewing this through your Friends page), Live Ammo (Ha Ha Ha), is definitely my favourite painting.

Sadly it wasn't among the exhibits, though I hope to visit it someday in its home at the Chrysler Museum of Art, North Virginia. We did get Whaam, taking up an entire wall and much cooed over by small boys, as well as some Oriental-looking landscapes and Cubist paintings from his later years, all rendered in the trademark Benday dots.

There was also film of a Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Gallery in 1968, with all the interviewed visitors saying "'s think", "I'm too old for this sort of thing" or "But it's not Art". It's strange to see people getting all uptight and indignant about Pop Art, which is pretty tame by current standards; I shall lay myself open to the scorn and derision of future generations at this point by setting it on record that bisected animals in formaldehyde is not Art - or if it is, it's not what I like.

Going from High Art to Low Art, later we went to see Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London. I just can't get enough of films in which plucky youngsters get recruited into the Secret Service; it's a wish-fulfilment thing, even though I'm way past my sell-by date for a plucky youngster and MI5 has been so swamped by application forms it no longer bothers to go out and look for new agents.

Anyway, a rollicking good couple of hours. Martial arts, explosions, gadgetry and that bloke off The Fast Show as the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. A surprising amount of footage had actually been shot in London; lots of authentic City bollards, and I particularly enjoyed the transformation of Tate Modern into the evil genius's laboratory. It made a change from the kind of scene where a black cab and a red double-decker bus drive down the right-hand side of an avenue lined with palm trees.

Blimey, but the poor old Queen comes in for a lot of cinematic abuse, though, doesn't she? Nothing quite as bad as ending up with her legs wrapped round Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun this time, at least, just a little dignified boogieing. Whoever was playing Tony Blair was jolly good, though the US President was surprisingly generic.

I was incidentally delighted to hear Cody say "Beans on toast? Weird!", because until the_gneech commented on it the other day I had no idea putting baked beans on toast was a Brit thing. It seems a perfectly logical combo to me, but then so does peanut butter and Marmite.

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