Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Not a pretty site

I had planned an evening in which I would work on various web and writing projects for my own personal pleasure, so I was less than delighted to receive an e-mail from my sometime employer BCR Publishing to say 'Here are the updates - please put them up as quickly as possible.'

For one thing, I had had no clue that updates were forthcoming, and for another, I do have a life you know, I can't just drop everything to spend two hours arsing about with your style sheets.

Only I could, of course.

Take a look. I know it's not the prettiest site in the world, but the subject matter is less than inspiring. Also they pay peanuts. I felt entirely justified in charging them for the time I spent looking at their updates on my housemate's computer because they sent a .doc and I don't have Office on my Mac, making coffee, and creating new div classes to see what they would do.

Spent much of my day chasing an elusive agent at Adecco who had posted a Web Designer ad on totaljobs. In fact he had posted it five times, which makes me suspect he is not all that web-savvy, as does the job description's glib mention of document conversion as an essential skill. Uh? That could mean anything from creating PDFs, which I've never done, to converting Microsoft Word documents into HTML, which I spent my last three jobs doing. And it would be just like a temping agency to think 'oh, her CV doesn't say she's got document conversion, she must be entirely unsuitable.' Bitter? Moi?

The day wore on and the agent was variously in a meeting, out of the office, conducting an interview or on another line. "He does receive about forty CVs a day," the receptionist told me reproachfully on one occasion. Exactly. I'm phoning to ensure that mine is at least briefly on the top of the pile...

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