Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
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'Pish. Takes more than an anagram to make royalty, my boy.'

People who live in glass houses shouldn't undress with the light on, and fanfic authors shouldn't take unholy delight in mocking other people's efforts. Nevertheless I'm lovin' deleterius, which showcases the very worst of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter original fiction. I've even made a naming-and-shaming post to pkmnbadfics, which does the same for Pokémon stories; anyone who can misspell 'purpose' as 'prepuce' deserves all they get.

To demonstrate that I don't deride absolutely everything, however, here's a link to a superlative fanfic: a Discworld/Potter crossover, Harry Potter and the Improbable Use of Chaos Theory. What happens when Esme Weatherwax meets Tom Marvolo Riddle, Professor McGonagall meets Greebo, and Harry Potter meets scumble? A brilliant pastiche of Pratchett's style, and the Hogwarts cast stay enviably In Character as events unfold. Worksafe, though coffee/keyboard snortage will occur.
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