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Live and let Di

Harrods switched on their Christmas lights yesterday, and I, being a sucker for things bright and shiny, went along.

My presence was also due to the announcement that the store's theme this year is 'A Christmas to Thrill', with James Bond props and events instore. We didn't see much evidence of Bond except for overuse of the Die Another Day font in inappropriate places and a theme tunes mix on repeat play (great idea- if I had to work in a department store over Christmas, which please God I won't, I would much rather groove to For Your Eyes Only than Santa Claus Is Coming To Town). The window displays, though - one for each Bond film, with related gifts taken from the various departments: golf clubs in the Goldfinger window etc - are fabulous and well worth a visit.

We also swung by the Dodi - Diana memorial on the Lower Ground floor, the only place in the building you are encouraged to photograph. It is an absolute Temple of Tack, but I suppose Mohammed Al-Fayed likes it. And, if you'll believe it, Live and Let Die was playing while we made our inspection.

At six the store closed. At 6:30, as we watched from across the street, a bloke on a balcony (apparently one of the Broccoli family who own most of the cinematic Bond franchise) turned on the lights, the Bond theme started and a helluva lot of fireworks went off. The effect was indescribable; so many fireworks in such a concentrated space, shooting up and pouring down from the roof. And when the display was over, they turned on the artificial snow.

It's a shame that the extravaganza didn't end with the evil arch-villain's lair blowing up. But Mohammed was paying and he might not have liked that.

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