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Come On Take Me To The Mardi Gras

I was really looking forward to pancakes.

They're yummy, nutritious, easy, cheap and fun, yet I somehow never think of making them except on their official day - which is today, Shrove Tuesday.

So it was a bit of a blow to come home and find the building's gas supply had been cut off due to a suspected leak. Gas powers our boiler, therefore our central heating, and our cooker. It's the second time this has happened within a month. It snows; our gas gets cut off. Coincidence?

No pancakes, then. Worse, we had company, and had to offer her a Chinese takeaway rather than the feast of homecooked goodies we had planned.

Transco promised that they'd come and reconnect us 'before nine', so I drove off in the rain to do karate for an hour and a half (at some point during which a piece of skin the size of a 10p piece detached itself from the sole of my foot - I didn't notice until I was putting my socks back on, and of course as soon as I did it started to smart like hell) confident in the knowledge that I would be able to have a nice hot bath when I got in.

Ho ho, ho.

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