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Double the Action

I've been to two karate classes this week, having been invited along to Tuesday's Senior Class over in Foots Cray. This is taught by the legendary Australian sensei, Arron, who says G'day when he bows to you, and is the class the instructors attend to learn all the mean tricks they throw at us when they teach their own classes. There were also several solemn kids with brown belts (blimey, they'll be black belts before they leave their teens - terrifying) and a range of other Keen Students from orange tip upwards.

I must admit I was apprehensive about being a n00bie again. I'm fairly introverted by nature; this is why I have to acquire a pint of cider the instant I arrive at a londonfurs meet. I've been doing karate for two years and I'm only just at the point where I can walk confidently into the dojo, greet everyone by name and make small talk until the class starts, and now I'm facing a roomful of strangers again.

It was an interesting class - it's good to experience different teaching styles, and I found to my surprise I was fit enough to keep up with the vast numbers of pressups expected of us. I fear that having set the precedent, though, I'll have to keep on going twice a week. On the one hand, I'll be twice as fit, twice as trim and twice as mean as previously *ahem*. OTOH, I'll be spending twice as much money on classes. And I'll have to invest in a second gi 'cause I don't have time to wash it between Tuesday and Wednesday, which probably contravenes the 'show respect to your fellow students' rule.

Last night's regular lesson had a pitifully poor attendance of 7, possibly England match-related, which meant that I was the highest graded student there (actually there were two other orange belts, but they sneakily arranged themselves so that I was at the end of the row). This in turn meant I got to lead the bowing in and bowing out ceremonies at the start and finish of the class. I told them when to close their eyes! I told them when to open them again! I controlled the vertical! I controlled the horizontal! In Japanese!

I was on a high all evening over it.

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