Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Bigger, better, bangier

Fireworks, like swimming and cats, are something I've loved from a very early age and still enjoy today. Luckily I live near Blackheath, which annually hosts one of London's biggest free displays.

The rain stopped just before the advertised start time, as so often happens (though the ground didn't magically become unsoggy). I was in an exceptionally grouchy mood due to a slow Internet connection preventing me from doing all the things I'd wanted to get done before I went out, but it was all forgotten from the first Ooh. There were so many fireworks going off at once that I thought someone must have accidentally dropped a lighted match in the box, but this can't have been the case as it went on for ages. Time after time we thought an extra-large explosion signalled the glittering climax, only for them to fire up another batch. I've seldom seen so many varieties of colour, sound and squiggly twirly effects in the same place. It was like some heavenly garden of light - which would be a better simile if flowers went BANG, but you get the picture.

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