Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

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Hubris and Nemesis

Today at work I:
  • Magically 'fixed' a laptop my überboss needed for a presentation (flicked every switch in sight and rebooted a few times)
  • Implemented a JavaScript style sheet switcher (the PHP one is much cooler, at just 5 lines, but I couldn't get the bugger to work)
  • Knew Professor Snape's first name when a colleague rang us to request this vital information
I even managed to snag a chocolate profiterole left over from a meeting as I left. Yeah! I ruled! I was smokin'!

Then I went to football practice and got smacked square in the mush by the ball from about three paces, which is small potatoes next to footpad's little mishap but still made me considerably less cockahoop.

Why is there never any Bonjela in the house when I need it? Oh, yeah - because I keep eating it to make my mouth go tingly.

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