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Woodford Green revisited

I had such a nice day planned. A little lie-in, a little shopping, a little Children's ITV. Simple pleasures. So I was rather annoyed when my friendly agent at Blue Arrow rang at a quarter to nine to say she'd been 'let down badly' by 'one of her ladies' and would I pretty please go back to Woodford Green police station, where I was working before my month's escape to a proper job.

You know me; I can never resist a damsel in distress, particularly if there's DOSH involved (I didn't notice until I'd agreed to go that it was chucking it down with rain outside). So I got dressed, made a packed lunch and was on duty at 10, which was pretty damn good going considering I had about fifteen miles to cover.

Had to endure the barrage of 'couldn't keep away eh?' jokes, but on the whole I think the staff were very pleased to see moi, already schooled in the noble art of correctly filing Form 78, rather than some wet-behind-the-ears greenhorn.

And I wasn't even late for my curry with two dear friends and fellow life members of the Oxford University Doctor Who Society (three counting addedentry. Quick plug here for the Babur Brasserie in Brockley: exceptionally nice food, all sorts of exotic and unusual regional dishes, and, which is rare in Indian restaurants, really nice desserts. Nothing like curd cheese in mango sauce to round off your day, not to mention your abdomen.

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