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No, Not JASON Donovan

Tonight, I shall be attending the Royal Festival Hall to spend An Evening With Donovan.

You would be forgiven for saying 'who?'; Mr Leitch has gone to ground so utterly for the last thirty-odd years that even the überhip cybersofa expressed surprise that he was still with us when I mentioned the gig.

In the mid-1960s, Donovan carved out a respectable niche for himself as a sort of Gaelic Bob Dylan, performing folksy whimsy ('Colours', 'Catch The Wind') and the occasional protest ballad ('Universal Soldier'). He really hit the big time, however, with a little ditty entitled 'Mellow Yellow'.

The first Donovan song I was really aware of was 'Fat Angel', which contains the lines 'Fly Translove Airways, gets you there on time/Fly Jefferson Airplane, gets you there on time'. The Airplane were so tickled by this they added the song to their live repertoire, and it appears on Bless Its Pointed Little Head, where I heard it.

It must have been after I got into Jefferson Airplane, then, that I found a copy of A Gift From A Flower To A Garden on a market stall. It looked amusingly hippieish and was only two quid for a double album, so I bought it, and I loved it. Further albums followed, and still do when they turn up at car boot sales. Donovan is certainly among my top twenty favourite musician, despite not having produced any original material (AFAIK) since before I was born.

Then, last month, this one night stand was announced out of the blue.

No idea what's on the menu; all the RFH will reveal is that he will be performing with his daughter, who rejoices in the name of Astrella. But I'm sure it will be thoroughly mellow. Possibly yellow also.
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