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Quick n'Dirty Sepia

[Originally a comment in afriti's journal; thought it might benefit others as well. There are more professional ways of creating a sepia effect, but they tend to be hard work and require actual artistic talent, so I use this method.]

How to fake sepia tones in Photoshop and ImageReady
  1. Open your picture (hey, it never hurts to be over-specific).
  2. In the Image menu, go to Adjustments and click Desaturate. This gives you a black and white image.
  3. Then create a new layer on top of the picture and colour it a pleasing shade of brown with the Paintbucket.
  4. Finally, in the Layers palette, adjust the Opacity of the brown layer until you can see the picture underneath but it retains a brown tint - about 15-20% should do it.

Years at Hogwarts by nevermindless
The Sorting Hat places you in: Gryffindor (Red and
Subject you
are naturally best at:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Your favorite book: Charm Your Own Cheese
Pet you bring to
Blotched Tabby
cat (Gray with swirls)
You are most known for: Being Prof. Lupin's favorite student.
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Cats, cheese and werewolves!! Result!


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