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With additional sniggering by Alice Dryden

I was supposed to go to football practice last night, but thanks to tkb I went instead to watch The News Quiz being recorded at the Drill Hall off Tottenham Court Road.

Alan Coren had flu and sent his apologies, but it was a splendid panel all the same: Sandi Toksvig (whom I adore), Linda Smith, Andy Hamilton and Barry Cryer (an old pro who can manoeuvre any topic towards an amusing anecdote). Wonderful to watch them play off against each other; I find it rather sweet, somehow, that comedians can make other comedians laugh. And we got well over an hour's entertainment rather than the expurgated 30 minutes the listeners at home will enjoy - I guess the jokes about Dr Shipman will go, though I hope Andy's fantasies about Sandi appearing naked save for a Viking helmet will stay.

So tune in to Radio 4 at 6:30 this evening and listen out for my distinctive chuckle. You're most likely to hear it after the smutty gags.
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