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Elephant & Castle is a nightmare on foot. When I'm driving I know I approach from New Kent Road, turn left then right at the smaller roundabout, but replicating this on the pedestrian side among the walkways and subways is almost impossible. Eventually I made it back to my scooter, which I can now reveal was parked off Kennington Lane outside a pub called the Little Apple. It appeared unscathed but still wasn't going anywhere, though I tried the ignition in case the problem had mysteriously solved itself in the night (it does happen).

I hopefully unscrewed the little panel in front of the engine to see if there was anything I could attack with my magic WD40. Nothing but the engine and a big fat plug. The plug was covered with a thick layer of dust and grease, so naturally I couldn't resist touching it, and discovered that it was very loose. When I closed the panel and started the engine it turned over immediately.

Loose spark plug then - apparently a common bug in the ET4, as my previous model pulled the same stunt while I was driving down the M1 one December night. Boy do I feel smug. I've narrowly escaped being thought an incapable female by burly garage mechanics who would have charged vast amounts for a call-out, and I got to work, hooray. I am a genius.

Now why couldn't I have been a genius last night and saved everyone a lot of bother?

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