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It's a pretty story

Finally got round to checking out the second Dogtanian DVD last night. Yes, I know I owe it to my readership to keep abreast of developments in the Muskehound multiverse, but I haven't had time, OK?

As promised, I do get a credit on this disk. 'With help from' rather than the version I would have preferred, 'Shamelessly plundered from', but at least they got the URL right.

I am a little peeved, however, to see that as well as pinching my deathless prose, which I have no objection to being preserved for posterity on DVD, this time they have also swiped some of my crap artwork, which I've been meaning to replace for ages and certainly do mind being viewed throughout the civilised world. Cringe-o-rama.

Given the wholesale and mindless way they copy my copy, including the bad jokes and the potentially libellous stuff, I'm going to insert the phrase 'Please send lots of money to Alice Dryden' randomly throughout the site in time for the next edition...

(What's all the fuss about? See here and here.)

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