Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

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Postman's Knock

Yesterday's post brought but one item, welcome though it was: an eBay purchase of a small plush Samoyed, who shall be known, for reasons obvious to some of you, as 'Little Lars'. (Mine's not in such good nick as the one in that picture.) melodysk, I also recently acquired my very own odd-eyed Mukluk, so no need to keep yours under lock and key any more :)

Today, by contrast, the postie stuffed a huge wodge of festive mail through the door, which was even more welcome. (And a chequebook and my new NHS card...blah.)

Thanks and Hugs to loganberrybunny for the Frithmas card (Quentin Blake, yay!), to simbani for thinking of me from far-off Georgia, and to le_loup_peint (and I hope you're well enough for a little light LJ reading) for the howling wolves and the very touching message within. Gee, you guys, all I ever write in my cards is To X From Alice...
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