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Thank You, Wilbur and Orville

Thank you for the pioneering spirit.
Thank you for all the records set and broken.
Thank you for Manfred von Richthofen and the other flying heroes of the Great War.
Thank you for barnstorming Flying Circuses.
Thank you for the Spitfire and the Hurricane, with which we stood alone.
Thank you for the Flying Fortress, which helped out when we could stand alone no longer.
Thank you for the Berlin Airlift.
Thank you for W. E. Johns, Biggles and Worrals.
Thank you for affordable holidays abroad.
Thank you for the B2 bomber, because it's so cool. Concorde, too.
Thank you for my time in the Air Training Corps.
Thank you for London's Air Ambulance.
Thank you for lying in the grass on a summer day as a light aircraft drones by overhead.
Thank you for the dreams.
Thank you for the hopes.
Thank you for the sky.

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