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Through Glasses, Darkly

Firstly, many many thanks to melodysk for what must be the most gorgeous Christmas card ever to feature a Malamute. I love it!

The first of several office bashes today: a nice three-course meal, at the end of which we confidently expected not to have to go back to work. It was a blow indeed to discover that returning to work was at the discretion of the individual line manager - especially to those who'd overdone it rather on the free booze. Not me, luckily, as I was driving, but I was sufficiently full of deep-fried Brie, salmon fishcake and chocolate torte not to feel like doing much, so I pleaded my urgent medical need to go glasses shopping and fled back to Lewisham.

Now that the bullet is bitten I'm quite looking forward to my new specs; it's over four years since my last image change, and a great excuse to get all you furry artists to draw me again :)

Jesus Christ on a Segway, though, the expense! You normals don't know what it's like.

What with alleged 'designer' frames (have you ever heard of 'Luna & Jill'?), revolutionary new technology to give me 50% thinner lenses (and believe me I really need them) and optional two-year breakage insurance (I really need that too)...let's just say that for the amount I've shelled out, I could have purchased a 20 gigabyte iPod (which come with free custom laser engraving until January 6th, incidentally), and had enough left over for a train journey to Scotland on which to listen to it.

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