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Rock n' Roll Suicide

Do you like death discs? I looooove death discs.

I'm talking about those songs, usually of 1950s/60s vintage, where boy meets girl, they fall in love, and at least one of them dies horribly to an accompaniment of wailing violins, usually from a surfeit of sheer cheesiness.

Do you love these songs as much as I do? If you can identify all of the following, maybe you do.

Not all of these are bona fide Weltschmertz, but they're all guaranteed to contain at least one stiff. All were, I believe, hit singles, which proves only that teenagers like death an awful lot.

I'm after song title, artist, who died and how.
  1. 'We had a quarrel, I was untrue on the night he died.'
  2. 'Up to heaven her soul ascended, all the church bells they did ring.'
  3. 'He didn't say much, kinda quiet and shy.'
  4. 'And with her head upon his shoulder, his young and lovely fiancée.'
  5. 'They told me he was bad, but I knew he was sad.'
  6. 'In the moonlight he could see her blowing kisses 'cross the waves.'
  7. 'I'll have another piece of apple pie, you know it don't seem right.'
  8. 'He wanted to give her everything: flowers, presents, but most of all a wedding ring.'
  9. 'On a weekend pass I wouldn't have had time to get home and marry that baby of mine.'
  10. 'They left him lyin' in a pool of blood, and laughed about it all the way home.'

Answers after the weekend, assuming I don't get the urge to ride my scooter off a cliff, or go to 'Nam or anything.

Edit: OK, I've removed the embargo on Papa - we're running out of songs.
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