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I have no idea why I'm on the mailing list of 'natural COLLECTION - In balance with nature', whose winter 2002 catalogue has been tickling me greatly. Their selection of gifts may have been put together with the best of intentions (viz. making money) but the copy is straight from Pseud's Corner.

My personal favourite is the nutcracker created by designers seeking to marry the simplicity of Stone Age tools with modern aesthetics. Then there's the lamp inspired by the gentle curve of a new bud (looks more like the gentle curve of a woodlouse to me).

For baby, what could be nicer than an Organic Pig in Dungarees: made entirely of hand picked, high quality, natural colour grown organic cotton that comes from the Peruvian Andes, where it is still farmed in the traditional style of the Incas? Older kids will clamour for a game of Bioviva in which players move through different natural habitats answering questions about the living world in the hope of gaining precious Eco Points.

Let's not leave out the Organic Meditation Cushions, the Lokta paper handmade in Nepal from the Daphne plant (they're so making this up), the three-tier bean sprouter to maximise your sprouting capacity and last but not least - vegan condoms.

I will, of course, be complying with their greener-than-green ethos by chucking the catalogue in the recycling bin.

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