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Tuesday November 11th: 'WaltWorld'

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I didn't really think Disneyland was an appropriate place to spend Remembrance Day (or Veterans' Day as it is in the US; we remember the dead, they remember the living). But DisneyCorp had no such qualms; there was even a limited edition commemorative brooch with Mickey Mouse in uniform. Mm, wonder if they brought one out after 9/11?

I'm mean. We had fun. It is impossible to be cynical in Disneyland, no matter how hard you try.

We were waiting at the airport in good time to catch the 6:30AM bus. As it turned out, there wasn't one; they only go on the hour off-season. We should have been warned...but more of that later. Arrived at the resort just before opening time, and were amazed at the ease with which we bought tickets and flowed through the gates.

The holiday season had officially started on November 7th (yikes!) and everything was thoroughly festive. It's A Small World was alternating its theme tune with 'Jingle Bells', the Haunted Mansion had a Nightmare Before Christmas theme and a huge Christmas tree dominated Main Street USA.

We were able to get a good few rides in before the rush, and Fast Passed some more. Because the park covers such a small area and because we weren't trying to do absolutely everything, we had a packed day without getting worn out. I think the Matterhorn Bobsleds were my favourite, though perhaps I was just euphoric that they weren't as terrifying as they looked.

There was time for shopping, too - I was pretty restrained, all things considered, but couldn't resist a small plushoid purchase (Nala). Had there been any Aristocats merchandise whatsoever, it would have been a different story...

Saving the best till last, we rode Splash Mountain in the dark before watching a festive fireworks-n-music display. We were instructed to take the magic home with us, and happily complied.

The magic lasted right up until the discovery that although the shuttle buses ran from LAX to Anaheim until midnight, they only went the other way until ten to seven. This was not mentioned in their advertisements, and so we had missed the last one back by a good three hours.

We ended up paying almost the cost of the flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles for a cab. Remind me to learn to drive before I go on holiday again.

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