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One door closes, another opens

I didn't get the job. Someone with better qualifications did. Who are all these people with better qualifications than me?

Meanwhile, a colleague draws my attention to CAFOD's need for a Web Editor. Now I am completely without conscience when it comes to jobs, and though I might stop short of designing a homepage for Huntingdon Life Sciences I would do pretty much anything else. So apart from the prospect of addedentry never speaking to me again, I was all set to go for it until I encountered this on the application form:
7. What experience do you have of Catholic community life at parish or diocesan level? If none, what involvement do you have with any other faith community?
This is surely discrimination on grounds of religion, or rather on grounds of not having any. Tempted to tell them all about my deep involvement in pagan ritual, but couldn't be stuffed to fill out a three-page form for the sake of a cheap laugh. Besides, they might have believed me.

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