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Saturday November 8th: 'Get Smart 2: Get Smarter'

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LA is not pedestrian-friendly, and we couldn't afford a week's worth of cabs. This was compounded by a Metro strike. All in all, it wasn't looking good for my attendance at the Get Smart Picnic in the Park (no stars this time, just fen having fun).

As it turned out, though, it was surprisingly easy to get there. A bus ride to UCLA and a mile and a half's walk along a three-lane road. And I'm so glad we made it.

The picnic was a more relaxed affair than the dinner. There were chocolate chip cookies, and a lifesize standee of Max, and just hanging out with the other Smartians and comparing notes on the previous evening.

I got to meet Sue, who is not only a lovely person in her own right but the proud owner of a red Sunbeam Tiger identical to the one Max drives in the show. With the licence plate 8GENT 86 to boot. If that wasn't enough, at a recent autograph show, Don and Barbara had signed the driver and passenger sunshades respectively.

And I got to sit in it!!

Very special thanks to Brian, who saved our legs by giving us a ride back to the bus stop then joined us for a latte and a chat and issued an open invitation to come stay in his New York pad. Well, maybe next year...

Owen and I then had a splendid Italian meal and congratulated ourselves on finding it. The next day we saw the tackiest TV advertisement ever ever ever for the restaurant and realised we could never tell anyone we'd been there. (It was The Olive Garden on Westwood, for the record.)

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