Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Wednesday November 5th: 'A Flower In Your Hair'

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Sami Sunchild, owner and flower-child-in-chief of the Red Vic, graced us with her presence at breakfast.

She was totally genuine, smiley, friendly, interested in everything - much like your favourite granny, if your favourite granny is into incense and peace. After introductions all round, she instigated a World Conversation about careers and discovered that we all liked our jobs.

Sami really throws everything she's got into spreading peace and happiness on an individual scale. It seems to be working, too. Go stay with her if you get the chance.

In the evening (after a great Italian meal at Pasta Pomodoro - thanks to dakegra for the recommendation) we went to see a British band and Californian warm-up group at Bimbo's 365 Club.

Sadly the club trademark, a girl appearing as if by magic to be swimming in a tank of goldfish, was not on display. But it was a much nicer experience than your average UK gig. You could hear yourself think! You could sit down! Nobody was smoking! (Some people may say it wasn't a proper gig at all. Some people are just plain ornery.)

Kudos once again to SF's wonderful public transport system, which whisked us home by cable car and streetcar despite the lateness of the hour.

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