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Monday November 3rd: 'The Golden Gate Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)'

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We were worried by the Red Vic's threat to force its patrons into conversations about 'world affairs' over breakfast. As it turned out, though, this involved nothing more frightening than sitting at a table with other guests and finding out where we'd all come from and how our respective holidays were progressing so far. And there were muffins, and bagels with cream cheese, and really good coffee, and a stout black-and-white mog named Mr Mouser.

Today we rode on a cable car and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge. So that about wraps it up for San Francisco; anything else is just a bonus.

Having discovered that there is no bus stop on the Sausalito side, we also walked all the way back across the bridge. Half an hour each way, but the views were splendid and doing both trips gave us the chance to see them at varying degrees of dusk. Plus there were pelicans flying to and from Alcatraz - we could tell by the huge beaks.

Dinner at The Stinking Rose, which puts Soho's Garlic & Shots to shame.

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