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The wait is finally over and Daniel Craig's final Bond film, No Time To Die, has been unleashed on the world a mere two years late.

There's been a lot of debate in the fandom about where to see it and what to wear for the occasion (yes, really). My chief consideration was seeing it with Howard, as we've watched all of Craig's tenure together, starting in 2006 with Casino Royale.

My local cinema, the Everyman, was doing an Opening Night Event on Thursday with black tie and cocktails, and since it's a couple of minutes' walk up the road, I went for it. We enjoyed martinis and canapés before settling down in our double seat and waiting. And could order more drinks from your seat, and people were also wandering back to the bar. Eventually a member of staff came out and told us the bar was closed so the film could start.

"Are you ready for 25 minutes of ads and trailers?" he asked.

"No!!!" we responded.

"Oh, you want to wait some more?"

Then the lights went down and, mercifully (for the film is nearly 3 hours long), we went straight into the roaring MGM lion.


No spoilers but I loved it. I don't think it will settle into my top ten, but as a first watch I was captivated. I stayed till the end of the credits to find out whether JAMES BOND WILL RETURN, and cheered when it transpired he would. I can't wait to see what form he will take next and where the story will go. (I have Theories.)

I'd taken Friday off, and spent it dragging Howard around central London to look at all the exciting Bond things. The Burlington Arcade is currently given over to 007, featuring luxury Bond brands: Omega watches, N. Peal knitwear, Bollinger champagne. The Omega shop has acquired M's desk and will let you sit at it for photos, under portraits of Bernard Lee and Judi Dench.

Everywhere we went, people wanted to talk about Bond and if we'd seen it and what we thought. My Twitter feed has been little else all week. I've not known such excitement about a film since...well, since GoldenEye, which came out in 1995 after a six-year Bond drought (it is also six years since 2015's Spectre). I'm sorry I missed mid-Sixties Bondmania, but this will do.


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