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A View To A Swim 3: Monday

Because swimming is a low impact sport, I slept well and woke up ready for a day out.

I had booked a ticket to tour the chateau, so I could see it at my leisure. My chief interest was finding bits used in A View To A Kill, but I also enjoyed the story of Psyche and Cupid told in stained glass, the collection of Books of Hours, and the many sculptures of dogs. I walked along the Grand Canal for a bit, marvelling that the day before I'd been in it.

Monday turned out to be the day all the shops were closed, but the cafés were open, and I had an ice cream with whipped cream on top. (Whipped cream is 'chantilly' in French, so how could I not sample this famous local product?)

The previous day I'd noticed a little free library in a box outside the station, so today I brought along a spare Bond book I'd packed for this very eventuality. By pleasing serendipity, I was able to swap it for a Saint novel in French.

Then I hopped on a local train, and two stops later I was in Paris!

Mut met me at Gare du Nord and we wandered along the Seine. I had, inevitably, requested we check out another couple of AVTAK locations, but really this was just an excuse for a nice stroll in the sunlit early evening, while I marvelled at landmarks. We ended up at an outside bar right on the river, sharing a charcuterie platter over drinks and catching up on the couple of years since we'd seen each other.

I was back at the station in plenty of time for my return train, and went to bed much tireder and stiffer after all the walking than from the previous day's efforts.


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Tags: hols, james bond

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