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Not Shaken, Not Stirred, Just Poured

James Bond season at the Prince Charles is still running, and Saturday saw a screening of fan favourite GoldenEye.

My Twitter friend and frequent Bond/Who/cult TV/drinking companion Hannah came down from The North for the occasion. We met at Marble Arch and, since it is tradition that I get lightly lubricated before enjoying a Pierce Brosnan film, headed to Dukes for cocktails.

Once frequented by Ian Fleming and boasting a range of Bond-themed drinks, Dukes is very much a place for a treat. We arrived and bumped straight into another friend who had had the same idea, so we all sat together. We ordered Vespers and a Le Chiffre (mine; it featured chilli vodka, which I can never resist, and a candy rose). One of the bar staff trundled a trolley to our table and constructed the drinks before our very eyes.


They were expensive but so good, and so strong, that we easily passed an hour just luxuriating in the experience while we chatted. Our plan for one sensible drink and then get something to eat before the film became a second, ill-advised drink (the Tiger Tanaka for me this time) and a McDonald's grabbed in haste on the way to the cinema.

I don't think I've enjoyed GoldenEye quite so much since 1995.

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