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A New Machine

I write this on my new iMac.

My 2012 model was becoming increasingly slow, occasionally freezing for a few seconds or even longer. It seemed wise to replace it when I could, and I planned to do that at some point this year, funds allowing.

Then Apple released the latest model in various shiny colours, and a new computer suddenly became much more urgent.

I owned one of the original G3 coloured iMacs in Ruby (I still have it in a cupboard, in fact) and I've been longing for a bit of colour in my computing life again. I feel strongly that tech should deliver aesthetic pleasure as well as making one's life easier.

I had a few tribulations persuading DHL to deliver the new one to me, and a few more transferring my data and files across from the previous incumbent, but now my orange iMac with its orange keyboard and orange mouse is sitting on my orange desk while I sit on my orange chair with its orange cushion, and I am thrilled.

It's so fast, and quiet, and slim! And the sound quality is amazing; I stuck on Bridge Over Troubled Water and listened with tears in my eyes. (Of course, back in 2013 I was thinking the same about the old one, which is now worth £200 as a trade-in. I hope this one lasts as long, or longer.)

It feels a little weird not to have USB ports, but then my first iMac didn't have a floppy drive and I thought that would never catch on.

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