Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

007 Days and 007 Nights

Last Saturday saw my first trip into central London for many months, to see The Man with the Golden Gun as part of the Prince Charles's 007 season.

I stopped off at Any Amount of Books on Charing Cross Road and treated myself to the Folio Society edition of Parade's End in two volumes before meeting a friend from Bond Twitter and his partner. We visited a bar to get ourselves in the mood for flying cars, Sheriff JW Pepper and "Nick Nack! Tabasco!" before the film. It was delightful sharing it with someone who, like me, knew and loved the movie but wasn't above mocking its sillier parts; we did a fair amount of whispering to each other behind our masks during the screening, and afterwards went to a Thai restaurant so we could dissect it more thoroughly over dinner.

On Tuesday, I was punished for these excesses when I got pinged by the NHS app and told to self-isolate for seven days.

I was pretty cross, as I had plans for this weekend, which has been the hottest and sunniest so far this year - not least another Bond at the Prince Charles, this time my favourite The Living Daylights.

I decided to spend my Saturday evening watching it on DVD instead. My friend Hannah is also currently in the sin bin and we co-watched, hitting Play simultaneously so we could chat about it over WhatsApp. My flatmate also joined me for the viewing; we made hot dogs and popcorn for the proper cinema experience, as well as Vesper martinis. Afterwards she declared it her new second favourite Bond after On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which we watched last summer.

Hannah expressed a hankering to watch Licence To Kill immediately afterwards, and since neither of us was going anywhere the next day, we stayed up past midnight doing just that. "I walked past and saw Timothy Dalton looking very wet," said my flatmate in the morning, "and I thought I'd just leave you to it." Very wise.

Otherwise, I have spent a lot of time on the balcony drinking homemade lemonade (when life gives you lemons...) and reading trashy spy novels. Counting down to my release at 23:59 on Tuesday.
Tags: films, james bond

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That's unfortunate, to say the least. Good thing it'll be over very soon now! Hang in there.
Thanks! It's made me paranoid about doing anything in case it prevents me from doing something else later >.


July 20 2021, 08:04:01 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  July 20 2021, 08:18:52 UTC

There seem to be some serious flaws in the Serco Test & Trace system, not least being that the bluetooth proximity check isn't so good at determining whether there's a physical divider between you. The business of scanning location QR-codes is one, particularly at venues where may people visit, but each for a relatively short time. Allegedly, you could get pinged because someone who arrived some while after you left submits a positive test...

If it was a commercial app I'd be giving it a one-star review for those flaws alone.
I could really do without the scary red pulsing ring that tells you to self-isolate, too!
All a bit too "Logan's Run"...
Ah, bad luck, but I'm glad to see you're making the best of it! I'm amazed I haven't been pinged yet, but surely only a matter of time...
Yes, I'm astonished it hadn't happened before. (Actually, I did get a text way back last year, but when I checked the website it told me my self-isolation period had ended the previous day...)


July 20 2021, 16:18:17 UTC 2 weeks ago

On the other hand I would have been complaining about the city heat so much you would have killed me
It was a shock. The people! The shops!