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Working from Home from Home

Last week I took advantage of the working from home situation and decamped to Howard's. Monday was a bank holiday and Tuesday was my civil service privilege day for the Queen's birthday (gawd bless you Ma'am), and I took my laptop so I could work Wednesday to Friday.

Like a staycation, except I wasn't at home and I wasn't not working.

In fairness, we fitted a lot in at the weekends and after I'd finished work for the day:

A ride with a friend we hadn't seen for ages! Explored some lovely little lanes and had lunch at Compton Abbas Airfield.

The BEACH! Worbarrow Bay, much less crowded than the sensationalist pics you might have seen of Bournemouth and Durdle Door, possibly because of the 15-minute walk from the car park. We were able to observe many dogs, some throwing themselves into the waves with gay abandon, some very unsure about it all.

An exhibition about Richard Chopping, who designed many of the first edition covers for the James Bond novels, at Salisbury Museum. Objects on display included a dead fly he used as his model. Bonus: stopped off at Pimperne to browse a book swap housed in an old phone box.

Open water swimming at Swineham Lake. I did two circuits of the lake, or 2km, which I'm pretty sure is the furthest I've swum continuously (it took an hour).

Post-work ride in the Purbecks. As we were passing Corfe Castle a steam train crossed the bridge ahead of us, and if it hadn’t been pissing with rain it would have been a perfect chocolate box moment.

And finally, I visited callmemadam. We had a cautious hug in line with government guidance (first time since last February), and I even went inside the house to fix the printer.



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Very nice view there, with the boats.

And swimming for a full hour is no small feat. Nice!
It's a beautiful beach! And thank you - I'm very admiring of how far you cycle, so that means a lot.
You're welcome! All we need to do now is find someone who's good at running, and together we'll be one pretty good triathlete. ;)
Ha! Howard suggested I try triathlon and I absolutely noped.
Heh, great minds think alike. ;)

I think you could actually be pretty good at that. Doesn't have to be one of those extreme long-distance triathlons either, there's various shorter ones, according to Wikipedia. The swimming'd be an absolute breeze for you, and the biking as well with a little bit of getting-used-to I'm sure.
There is such a thing as an aquabike, which leaves out the running, so maybe one to consider. I'm definitely someone who likes to look at the scenery rather than compete for the best time, though!
Oooh, neat! I didn't know that existed, but that's really cool. Maybe I should actually start swimming properly, and then give this a try — though like you I'd care more about the scenery and having fun than about coming first!
It's certainly a good excuse to go to different places!