Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Things to Do in Letchworth Garden City

There was time for a little local tourism before heading home, and first on the list was a trip past the UK's first roundabout.

Afterwards, we ticked off a longstanding item by taking a look at the giant Cardington airship sheds which once housed the ill-fated R101 and the R100 worked on by Nevil Shute and Barnes Wallis.


A little extra excitement in the form of two hares (two! both at once!), which you can just make out facing each other off in this phone photo. (I hoped they might start boxing but I guess it's a little late in the year.)


A nearby RSPB reserve provided a place to eat our ALDI sandwiches, pet some nice dogs and go for a walk. We heard a lot of birds and saw a lot of what, thanks to puddleshark's recent post, I identified as St Mark's flies.

Finally, a swim. I'd googled 'wild swimming bedfordshire' and picked a likely spot, in the river Ivel by the little town of Langford. This turned out to be at the end of a cul de sac of very nice houses, and, to my horror, by the time I got out I had attracted An Interested Crowd (i.e. an elderly couple and their Staffie cross). I was afraid there would be aggro when I encountered two families of Canada geese, but we stayed in our respective lanes and they let the matter go with a bit of honking.


And one last bit of excitement on the way back as we unexpectedly passed RAF Henlow and I leaped out to get a snap of their Hawker Hunter gate guardian.

Tags: planes, swimming

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