Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Ice Cold in Moscow

I had a Live Theatre Experience last night, or as near as one can in these times: I booked a ticket for a prerecorded play, and selected the day and time at which I would consume it.

In A Splinter of Ice, recorded on stage at Cheltenham, Graham Greene, visiting Moscow for a 1987 Peace Conference, drops in on his old friend and colleague Kim Philby.

It's a two-hander for the most part, with a small but fun role for Philby's Russian wife, Rufa. The two former agents (although, as Greene points out, one never really leaves the firm...except to join a different one) sound each other out with cautious affection, and wrangle over whether The Third Man was written as a warning to Philby, or about Greene himself, or neither.

I turned off the lights and poured a glass of wine and had a proper theatre experience, apart from the bit where I had to pause it and answer the door.

I'd arranged with two spy fiction fan friends to hit Play at roughly the same time and do a Zoom call afterwards, so we had the kind of nice chat we would otherwise have had in the theatre bar, about Bond and books and where and when we were getting vaccinated.

It was a fun evening but I'm really looking forward to doing this stuff for real again.

(You can book and watch until 31st July.)
Tags: theatre

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