Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Coming Back To Life

It was a gloriously sunny weekend, and marked the start, for me, of doing Slightly Normal Things again. Everyone out and about in Crystal Palace seemed to be smiling and buying non-essential items.

I contributed to the local economy by sitting outside my beloved 400 Rabbits, at one of the three tiny tables for two they cram on to the pavement, wearing a coat and woolly hat, eating pizza with a friend originally from Australia who, we agreed, was thoroughly naturalised at this point if he could consider eating outside in April with a coat on one of life's pleasures.

Afterwards we went to a beer garden where I tried all the ciders on offer, including one called, regrettable, Fat Gran's Wobbly Surprise. At one point the chap who was serving us (for pubs are table service only at the moment) rested his hand briefly on my shoulder, and it's been so long since I've experienced that kind of casual touch that I went a bit shivery.

On Sunday I met a friend in Crystal Palace Park, where we acquired peanut butter and jelly doughnuts from the food market and then just sat on the grass for two hours, catching up on six months' worth of the kind of conversation that doesn't work over WhatsApp.

I have now retreated to my lair to regroup.

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That sounds quite lovely! Ah, sampling all the ciders, that's the dedication I can get behind. :D Even if I'd also be a bit suspicious of Fat Gran's Wobbly Surprise.

It's amazing how much of a difference vaccinations apparently make, too. Over here, the whole thing's still raging unabated — not entirely surprising perhaps when you consider that the UK has administered 2.5 times the number of vaccine doses per capita that we have.

Governmental bungling is a world-wide phenomenon, it seems.
I'm a little concerned by the way the US and UK seem to be racing ahead on vaccines when we've lagged behind on everything else - surely we must have messed something up? - but it does seem to be going OK, fingers crossed. Three of my slightly older friends got their first jab last week, and all of them expressed surprise that I wasn't old enough yet. RUDE.
Heh! Take it as a compliment — you're wise, experienced and insightful beyond your years.

I think given how badly the UK was affected by the outbreak last year, you deserve a break in the form of high levels of vaccinations. Not that I wouldn't want the same thing here! Germany used to do comparatively well in Europe as far as case numbers were concerned; now we're not doing quite so well anymore (though we're still fairly low in terms of overall per-capita figures, which of course don't change very quickly).

My parents have got their first shots just recently, FWIW; they're both over 70, otherwise they wouldn't have qualified yet. Their second shots will apparently only be in July or so. For younger people, there's not even a roadmap. Eh.

Here's hoping that everything will return to normal again soon.
I do hope so, and everywhere in the world too. Partly because I miss travelling!
We were out all day yesterday in a group of six outdoors. Good to be in company with other people for the first time in however long. However, looking at the way things are going in some other parts of the world, I hope things havn't been relaxed too far too soon...
Pinning my hopes on the vaccine! I actually dreamed last night that I stumbled across someone offering it in a car park. I got as far as baring my arm but I woke up before I got it.