Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

L Minus One

Things have been a little miserable around here, what with Saturday bringing the announcement of 1) a second national lockdown and 2) the death of Sean Connery. Although he was 90 and died in his sleep in the Bahamas (goals!), the Bond community is obviously very sad about it.

On Sunday I met Howard for lunch in Petersfield. We did Christmas presents early, both as a just in case and because Christmas is, for me at least, cheering.

On Monday night I joined several brave souls on Twitter in watching Zardoz, widely regarded as one of the world's worst and most peculiar films and famous chiefly for Sean Connery running around in knickers and a bandolier:

Karate classes have closed again. At the end of Tuesday's, Shihan thanked us for our commitment and dedication, and praised the way we'd thrown ourselves back into training over the last couple of months. I got a bit choked up. Then I sang the song from the end of The Sound of Music and legged it out of there.

In good news, my one-year internship with Home Office Digital, Data and Technology has come to an end and I've had to, essentially, apply for the job I was already doing. It's very embarrassing being interviewed by your colleagues, since everyone on the panel knew full well I am not normally so polite, enthusiastic and smartly-dressed, but I succeeded and am now a fully-fledged Junior Content Designer.
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I need to see Zardoz again. Watching the trailer I get the impression that Boorman was trying to do something epic and visionary on a tiny, inadequate budget.
I'm not sure better effects would have helped the script, mind!
I succeeded and am now a fully-fledged Junior Content Designer.

Congrats! :)
Thank you!
Congratulations on your advancement at work. Sean Connery's passing was sad but, as you say, not tragic. I like Zardoz; a strange blend of the profound and the absurd - strangely nostalgic now as well, nearly half a century on.

Wishing you all the best in these 'interesting times'.
Thank you, and the same to you - stay safe!
Good news on your job. :)

Getting a little Zoomed out on the social side. It does allow for some level of contact, but it's a poor substitute, and many of the folk who're working from home are too tired of the system by the end of the working day to use it for social stuff outside work hours...
Yes, I'm not always up for it, and I tend to request an old-fashioned phone call instead of yet more screen time.
I've been putting the radio to a little of that sort of use. It's a good way to catch up with one of my friends who is Not On The Net(tm), but the natter can also be multi-way. Only have to worry about the rest of the world listening in. ;)