Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden


I've been continuing to swim in the Beckenham lake, switching from a swimming-costume to my shortie wetsuit and adding a pair of neoprene gloves as my hands were getting cold.

I ride my motorcycle all year round, and benefit from improved skills and greater enjoyment in the good summer weather. Why shouldn't the same apply to swimming?

PTP Coaching, who operate the lake, offer swim sessions throughout the winter, but you need to complete a Winter Induction first. I had mine yesterday.

The half-hour talk from one of the coaches was very helpful and reassuring. We were not required to demonstrate we could swim, despite what the website said, so I wore my new Captain Marvel cozzie for nothing. Some useful things I learned:

  • It takes twice as long to warm up as to cool down, and the cooling starts when you get undressed. So 5 minutes changing + half hour swim + 5 minutes changing = 40 minutes cooling, 80 minutes to warm back up.

  • If someone's shaking with cold, don't be tempted to give them a rub on the shoulder - this creates a hot spot and the blood will go there instead of where it's needed.

  • Carry something sugary in your bag in case you overdo it, like Kendal Mint Cake or a treat size bag of Haribo.

Next purchase will be neoprene socks, I think.
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