Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

No Hai, No Kiai

Socially distanced karate has become even more socially distant, in line with new government guidance. We usually train in three lines widthways across our hall, but we've moved to lengthways so the class can take place in three smaller 'bubbles' of six people or fewer. The groups take it in turn to have a water break, and to leave the building at the end of the class.

We also spend a lot more time stationary, doing exercises that stretch us or strengthen our cores:

"Right, on your hands and toes, bring your left knee up to your left elbow, then swap. Government guidance says you gotta do it for one minute!" (It does not.)

At least kata is still possible, always my favourite bit anyway:

"Once more to your own timing, then I'll pick on you each in turn. Normally I'd have a quiet word but that's not possible right now."
Tags: karate

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Glad to hear you can still do karate in principle, at least!
Yes - I was missing it after 6 months off (and I'm very rusty).
Government guidance says you gotta do it for one minute!

Heh! Well, who knows? There are so many rules flying around out there...

I miss this sort of banter from my days of doing Tai Chi. I wish I could find a class operating locally.
It's surprising how lighthearted martial arts classes are. I don't think I could stick it if they weren't.