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Deep Waters

I've been continuing my open water swims in the Beckenham lake. We'll see if I keep it up as we move into autumn and riding home in bike gear over swimming gear becomes even less appealing than it already is.

As a possibly ill-advised challenge, I have signed up for a 1 mile open water swim at Hever Castle in Kent at the end of September.

("That doesn't give you much time to train!" says my flatmate.


1 mile is the shortest distance option, but I've never done anything like this before and frankly I'm bricking it a little. Although I can swim front crawl perfectly well, I mostly do breast stroke outdoors because who wants to stick their face in a lake? So I imagine I will be immediately left behind and humiliated by a pack of superfit greased-up triathletes.

To ensure I turn up on the day and don't back out, I'm doing it as a fundraiser for a former colleague.

Sam is a lovely bloke who lost his wife Lauren to cancer in August, and was made redundant in July. He's looking for a way he can balance working with taking care of their young daughter Molly as a lone parent.

The #HelpTheRobinsons fund was started so Sam, Lauren and Molly could afford some special trips to make memories in the time they had left. Now it's helping Sam look after Molly without having to worry about money for a while.

Take a look, and donate if you wish!

Obviously I will share a thrilling account of the event here when it's done, and probably post a swimming-costume pic for your amusement. If I reach my £250 target, I won't even suck my tummy in.
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