Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Go Jump in a Lake

Outdoor swimming-pools are one of the things that have reopened, and as I've been missing swimming a great deal, I booked a slot this morning for the swimming lake in Beckenham Place Park.

The lake opened last summer and I kept meaning to go but didn't get round to it. This year has taught me many harsh lessons about making time for the things you want to do.

Reading the regulations, and surveying the swimmers on arrival, I was pretty nervous about it. I don't own a wetsuit or a tow float. I couldn't find my prescription goggles. I was probably gonna drown, or get shouted at, which would be worse. (In the end I swam in my glasses, which looks super dorky but at least ensures I can find my clothes again.)

It was fine, of course. I was given an orange inflatable float to clip round my waist, I took off my bike gear on the grass and waded in. There were very dedicated, serious triathlete types and there were people just going for a nice gentle circuit, and there was plenty of room for all. Big dragonflies and little blue damselflies darted above the water, while teenage coots dabbled about.

I arrived home just in time to attend an online meeting while wearing a towelling robe.


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That sounds nice, and your icon's quite appropriate!

When I swim in the ocean (which isn't too often, sadly) I almost always keep my sunglasses on, for just the same reason. I sometimes wonder if I should get prescription goggles, but so far I haven't.
My optician advised me to get a pair off the shelf rather than have my exact prescription made up; they were cheaper, I could take them home straight away, they were Speedo so good goggles, and "It's not as if you're going to drive in them." I hope they turn up!

(Haven't forgotten I owe you a comment, BTW!)
Oh yeah, that's what I meant — just an off-the-shelf pair of goggles with corrective lenses, same as how you might pick up a pair of off-the-shelf reading glasses. I can't see very well at all without glasses, and it's more about being able to pick out which towel on the beach is yours than it is about being able to read the newspaper lying next to it. :)
Ha, exactly!

Oh, gorgeous! I’m so glad you went!

Me too! Definitely planning to go again, though whether I'll turn into one of these year-round outdoor swimmer types is debatable.
That sounds amazing! I haven't been swimming since before lock-down, I hope I can find somewhere to take a dip soon!
I think indoor pools are opening soon too - I hope so!