Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Adventures in Space, Time and Plumbing

Last night I went to an Actual Pub for the first time since March, which was very exciting. When the opening of pubs was announced, I joined most people in saying 'that sounds like a terrible idea', but my local, the Alma, seemed to be doing a responsible job, so I met two friends for a post-work pint.

When I entered I was asked to sanitise my hands, and had my temperature taken with a scanner. Orders were placed at your seat, and paid for, cards and contactless only, on delivery. It was reassuring, civilised, and nice and quiet. Might try a meal next time.

I needed a pint in me for the evening's entertainment. Earlier this week, someone on Twitter posted a clip from a half-hour documentary promoting Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and hosted, for reasons unknown, by Pierce Brosnan, who goes absolutely overboard on the drama ("He is a legend...that goes by many names...").

Since apparently I am Twitter's go-to person for making affectionate fun of Pierce, several people pointed it out to me with the suggestion that it would be fun to watch together. We agreed on 8pm Friday, and I think about a dozen of us hit Play on YouTube simultaneously so we could appreciate it in likeminded company.

Favourite line: "At that time a full-grown cow would have been the size of a Great Dane!"

Here's the full thing (not much Alan Rickman content, callmemadam, sorry).

Today's adventure was getting to know a little more about how taps work, since a few days ago the cold one in the kitchen became stiff and would only produce a dribble of water. I consulted the internet, shut off the water supply under the sink and took the tap apart. There was nothing visibly amiss, so I cleaned out the gunk and made sure all the parts were moving, then reassembled. It's behaving properly again, though I'm watching it like a hawk in case it tries any funny business.
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Don't worry about that, I know his scenes off by heart.
It's well known that Costner cut a lot of Alan's part because he was obviously stealing the whole film.

Do you do flying ants as well as taps? The b*****s are back. I daren't go in the kitchen for fear of what I'll find.
I suspect his scenes were minimised in the documentary too! Praise for Costner was lavish, to the point where my friend commented "Just ask him out on a date, Pierce!"

I can't even deal with the tiny brown ants we get. There were four of them scurrying about on the worktop when I went to make a coffee just now. Where are you going, ants?


July 12 2020, 12:17:20 UTC 3 weeks ago Edited:  July 12 2020, 12:17:38 UTC

Try diatomaceous earth. Sprinkle a bit round wherever they come in. It's quite effective, safe for humans and pets, and you can get what seems like enough to last a lifetime from Amazon for under a tenner.
Well, I have learned a thing! Thank you!
Good work on the tap!

Favourite line: "At that time a full-grown cow would have been the size of a Great Dane!"

… the mind boggles.
Thank you! It's not perfect but it's better than it was. And now I know how to turn the water off should I need to...