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Lucky little lady in the City of Lights

I know the feline has long since exited the receptacle, but I might as well fill in the details of this trip to the US that is suddenly but a fortnight away.

A few months ago, it is announced on the mailing list for my favourite TV programme that a convention is taking place in LA to promote the DVD release, and many of the cast and crew will be present. How cool, I think. What a shame I could never afford to go.

Then the insurance money for my late scooter comes through.

So I've bought my ticket for the con but not yet booked a flight, and I learn from spottedhyena that my favourite musicians are doing a reunion tour and will be in California the same week as me. I scoop up two tickets for the Oakland gig and plans are altered to five days in San Francisco and five days in Los Angeles.

Icing on the cake: Oakland has a connection with the author of my favourite book, which celebrates its centenary this year.


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