Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

Home Front

Well, my weekend felt distinct from my week, which I'm counting as a win.

My flatmate and I got pizza from 400 Rabbits, which has become our Friday treat. You order and pay online and collect from the restaurant. I don't know how much longer they'll be able to do this; the notice on the door which last week said only 4 customers inside at a time had gone down to 2.

Then I watched Die Another Day, possibly the worst Bond film but entertaining if you're in the right mood and company, with a friend over WhatsApp. There is much to mock, from terrible CGI to Madonna to Pierce Brosnan's notorious PainFace™ to Moneypenny shagging Bond on a desk in virtual reality.

Best mockery: how chunky Pierce looks when he's supposedly been in a Korean prison for 14 months.

I managed to spend most of Saturday away from screens thanks to my current lockdown project, a Revell 1:100 scale model kit of a Bell UH-1 'Huey' helicopter. It's amazing how time melts away when you're concentrating hard on something tiny. I got all the parts painted, so next weekend I can put them together.

Sunday's big event was a Twitter watchalong of Hawks, a 1988 film with Timothy Dalton and Anthony Edwards (best known as Goose in Top Gun). It's a great movie but so obscure that the whole thing has been available on YouTube for years without anyone bothering to get it taken down for copyright infringement, happily for the watch party. I guess 'small-budget comedy about terminally ill patients' was never going to be a blockbuster, but it's a shame when everyone involved is absolutely acting their socks off.

Best line: "Do you know what the most terrifying thing in the world is? How beautiful things are."

I often feel that way when I'm out on the bike. Looking forward to a time when I can feel it again.
Tags: films, james bond, planes
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Sigh, I miss 400 Rabbits! No takeaway pizzas out here in the sticks.

I suspect that reading your review of 'Die Another Day' just now is more fun than actually watching the whole thing, so thank you for saving me a bit of time there.
Glad to help, and save you from having to watch it!
We've got to the point where we're asking questions like "Is this Sunday a Monday?". I think this particular Sunday is a Tuesday, but I could be wrong.

The un-seasonal dry weather hasn't really helped, as every day's a gardening day. Never thought I'd be quite so glad to be woken by the sound of rain. ;)

A favourite, seen on Twitter:

A house
A door
Windows, 1, 2, 3, 4
Ready to play?
What's the day?