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Had a very pleasant weekend of Thunderbolt Blackery courtesy of our wonderful GamesMaestro, phoenicia. Travelled down with klepsydra and wardy, accompanied by the Eagles' Greatest Hits - to my mind the ideal road trip soundtrack - and arrived to find Ultrafox, who is IMHO one of the nicest people in the world, cooking up breakfast for everyone.

phoenicia - a.k.a. Silverwind - was the only one of the team I hadn't met previously, but it was the first time the whole squadron had gathered together in one place (with the exception of the fellow who lives Stateside, sadly). Although we didn't get round to any roleplaying, I suspect the seeds have been sown for several future plot developments. And it's a tribute to our 1337 RP skilz, as well as highly amusing, that we're all so different from our characters IRL (with some exceptions, *cough*Wardy*cough*).

The afternoon was so clear and bright that we went for a walk, which just happened to finish at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation. It's the kind of place that's run for the love of it rather than for profit, and doesn't take long to look round. The biggest exhibits are a complete Fairey Gannet and Dart Herald, kept outside - the chap in charge was kind enough to unlock the latter and give us a tour. I caused great confusion by attempting to buy a tea-towel decorated with pictures of WWI aircraft; apparently nobody had ever asked for one before. I got it in the end, after the elderly gentleman on shop duty rang a colleague to ask where they were kept.

Walking back, I heard jet noise above and looked up. And we all got possibly our very last look at an operational Concorde.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out, ordering pizza and watching movies (the somehow Tintin-esque anime version of Metropolis, Dog Soldiers and Animatrix, since you ask). Bed at 0130. Haven't done that in a while. And phoenicia has a k3wl bedroom with all model planes and Transformers and posters of anime catgirls and stuff. And I'm sure he won't mind my telling the entire Internet about it.

Sunday was mostly polishing off leftover snacks and demonstrating through the medium of 'Ace Combat' on the PS2 that none of us should ever, ever be trusted with a real plane. Take-off time came all too soon but more ambitious plans are already afoot for Hendon and Duxford meets and perhaps even a custom squadron patch.

Special thanks to phoenicia for hosting so ably and trusting us with his parents' house (and cats), klepsydra for coming all the way round the bloody South Circular to give me a lift, and wardy for, I notice, posting photos while I've been typing this.

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