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Life, the Universe and Everything

Today is my 42nd birthday (thank you for the virtual gift, st_crispins!) and also the first day of my new job. Or rather, the first day of a bewildering week of inductions in which I met many people and was told many things. We were constantly reassured that we didn't need to remember it all right off the bat.

I am one of 20 interns in four digital specialisms, and we'll be seeing a lot of each other over the coming year. Today was in central London, then we have two days in Croydon and two days working from home to absorb all the information we've had thrown at us.

There was an introductory talk, at which we were told we'd each beaten hundreds of applicants to get where we were. Then we had the dreaded 'talk to the person next to you and find out an interesting fact about them'. My interesting fact was that it was my birthday, which worked out well because someone bought a coffee for me in the break.

We were given new laptops, and it was a while before we all managed to get logged in, online and sorted. Then it was lunch, then we split into our specialisms to talk to our new colleagues and mentors.

The day started at 10:30 and was over by ten to three, but I had to absorb an awful lot in that time, and there is more to come.

And now: pub.


Happy birthday! What is a ‘digital specialism’? 🤔

Thank you! I am a digital content person (i.e. I write stuff on websites). The others are user research people and software writing people and one more I've forgotten.

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I fancy your job. I’m not as clever as you though. 😆
You would, I think, have been good at the training exercise we did today, which was about plotting a journey through a website to make it easy for the user. It's mostly common sense, which it turns out a lot of people lack.
I could do that. 🙂
I almost missed it. Happy birthday to you.
Thank you!

Happy birthday! 🎊

Thank you!
Happy birthday!!!
Thank you :D
Happy 101010 !
Heh! Thank you!
Happy birthday, again—

Starting a new job is always a mixture of "scary" and "exciting", isn't it? On the one hand, everything's new; but on the other hand, everything's new! (I'm really starting to think "scary" and "exciting" are in fact fundamentally the same thing.)

Hope it'll turn out to be a good job once you've eased into it. :)
Thank you again! I am wiped out from learning stuff and meeting people, but in a good way.
This is the age where you get the answers to Life, The Universe, and Everything! (oops, I missed your subject title, first time around. :p )

Hope you enjoyed the pub session. :-)

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Good luck on the job!

I can't believe you're 42. I remember when you were in college!
I was thinking about that yesterday, and how lucky I was that the internet was a relatively small, friendly and forgiving place when I was getting to know it! You're probably the only internet frind from those days I'm still in touch with.
Heheh :) Still waiting for that ultimate question!
Happy birthday yesterday! And also congratulations on your new job - it sounds like it should be really interesting - if an awful lot to absorb to begin with!
Thank you and thank you! I'm still a bit 'maybe I faked my way through the interview and will be a total failure', but I am being nursed into slightly more optimism.
Don't you just hate imposter syndrome? I think that anyone with the self-awareness to suffer from it, and to understand that there are things they don't yet know, will actually be ok. It's the people who are genuinely convinced they know it all that really worry me. Seriously, good luck with it!
Thank you! I also need to remember that I probably look just as scary to other people as they do to me. Or is that just spiders?
Belated happy birthday, my friend, and congratulations on your new job. Wishing health, happiness, prosperity and achievement to you and yours.
Thank you kindly, and thanks for all the community posts you do - I may not always comment but I do appreciate them.
You are most welcome, my friend. There are some posts scheduled for the coming months that I think you will enjoy.
Excellent - looking forward to them!