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By the numbers

There comes a time during the construction of any model aeroplane when you want to find the guy who made the kit and gouge both his eyes out with a small plastic replica of an ejector seat.

Only you can't, because he lives in Korea. Bastard.

What's bugging me at the moment? Well, all the parts of the kit are numbered, but the numbers aren't in any sort of order. So there's no guarantee than piece #41 will be next to piece #42, or even on the same sheet of pieces. Plus there's at least one strangely-shaped piece with no number next to it at all, which must have been put in as a red herring.

Then there's the piece less than a millimetre long which I'm somehow supposed to paint in alternating black and yellow stripes. Yeah and Right.

Of course, really there's nothing I can say about the perils of amateur aeromodelling that hasn't been said by Calvin and Hobbes...

Calvin: How'd they paint eyebrows on a pilot less than an inch high?
Hobbes: I think that's a real jet superimposed on a stand.
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