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Cat Air

The Berlin Memorandum 2: Saturday

The excuse, if I needed one, for this particular visit was Marcy's suggestion that I bring Arakin round to her place for an international round of Get Drunk & Shout At Pierce Brosnan Movie Night. (This is a thing I talk about on Twitter a lot, and fairly self-explanatory.)

Saturday evening was earmarked for this great event. Beforehand, I had time for two essential Berlin experiences: currywurst at Konnopke's Imbiss under the U-bahn line at Eberswalder Strasse, and chocolate at Rausch.

We spent the evening eating Chinese takeaway, drinking gin and tonic, and playing the Pierce Brosnan Drinking Game, as devised by me and printed out with accompanying imagery by Arakin. Point-scoring actions include noisy kissing, Resting Smug Face, bizarre wandering accent, and any display of Pierce's astonishingly hairy man-cleavage.


Marcy's cat disapproves of these goings-on.

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Oooh, Rausch! Color me envious. I love their wares, but you can't buy them in stores anymore, the only places to get them now are the Internet and their Berlin flagship store.
Oh, shame! I think I remember you saying that last time. I guess for me to buy them for you in Berlin would be a bit of a complicated route...
That's OK, thank you. I could order them online, it wouldn't be a problem; it's just that I don't have the opportunity to buy impulsively anymore when I'm in a department store, supermarket etc.