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Analogue Cats and Drunken Rabbits

This week is Anthrocon, one of the world's largest furry conventions, so it's not surprising there's a lot going on in the furry world currently.

As well as the aforementioned ROAR 10, the convention will see the launch of The Cóyotl Awards Anthology, a collection of winners and runners-up for the Cóyotl Awards.

This features not one but two of my works, 'The Analogue Cat' and '400 Rabbits'. They're both stories I'm very proud of, and I'm delighted that they won an award in the first place and are getting a reprint because of it. And I'm over the moon that my drunken Aztec rabbit god has made it onto the gorgeous cover.

The anthology is the last to be edited by the late Fred Patten, stalwart editor, reviewer and friend of the furry scene, before his unexpected death last year. Fred championed my work from my very first published furry story. Both I and the fandom owe him a great deal.

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