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Squeaks In Space

Yesterday, I mentioned that ROAR volume 10 was on its way; today I learned that it's available for preorder at FurPlanet.

ROAR is an annual, general audience anthology of furry fiction. Each year's volume has a theme, and this time it's Community.

My story, Once We Were Meerkats, is a short sci-fi piece about a colony of genetically-engineered meerkats terraforming a desert planet who come up against an alien menace. Simples.

I've wanted to write something in first person plural ever since I read Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris, which I loved to bits, and this is it.

Here's an extract:

Once we were meerkats. We’ve seen pictures in the database.

They made us human-sized, so we can build human-sized homes for them, and we lost our tails. We still have the fur that keeps us warm in the cold nights and cool in the heat of the day, with a dark mask to protect our eyes from the sun. We still have strong hands and nails designed for burrowing, even though we also have tools. We’re still tough enough to deal with predators, and immune to some types of venom. We need little water, and we can eat almost anything. Most of all, we still look out for each other. That’s how we survive.

We used to be cute.

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Ohhh liking this!
^.^ Yay!

Hope you're doing OK.
:) Not dead yet! Healing on schedule (IE: Slowly), start physical therapy next week, that will go on for 8-12 weeks is my guess.

Good to know, and best wishes for your recovery!
Interesting. One of my nieces is a writer, and she has a Tolkien fandom 'fanon' in which the Hobbits were originally meerkats, but altered by the Valar Yavanna after the Entwives were destroyed.
That is a lovely bit of fanon! I've been very fond of meerkats for years.
Here is a video I think you may enjoy:

That was fantastic! Thank you!
You are most welcome. Now I have that song stuck in my head again.
I kept remembering it at work when I was giving in to my boss...