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The Few, The Furry

It's not often I produce a piece of artwork I'm genuinely proud of, but I do like this one.

(98K/800x600 JPG/furry/aviation)

I drew Lars in the old-fashioned way, pencil and paper, then scanned in the pic and traced over the lines in Flash using the Paintbrush tool.

Everything else was done in Photoshop. The background is a cheap and cheerful Filter > Render > Clouds; the text is LunaITC TT Bold with a drop shadow.

I'm pleased with the aircraft shadows: a Spitfire pic found through Google Image Search, made into a black silhouette by clearing the background and applying a Color Fill, rotated, resized, plonked onto the background and made semi-transparent.

I know in a couple of weeks I'll wonder how I dared to call it art. But for now, I'm happy.
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